How to Set Up Parental Controls

To set up parental controls, you need the following:

The device and the account that you want to manage.

A Google Account or another account with which you want to manage your device’s settings.

You can control what your kids can do on the internet with parental controls. It’s a great way to keep your kids safe from predators and other bad people.

You don’t have to give up freedom, just make sure you set up the right settings for your family.

How to Set Up Parental Controls

1. Sign in to your Google account

2. Go to Settings

3. Tap “Parental Controls”

4. Turn on the feature that you want to use, such as Chrome Web Store or Apps & Websites, and then click “Activate”

5. You’ll see a list of apps and websites that can be used by your child — you can turn off each one individually or turn on “Allow all websites” if you want your child to be able to access any website that they want. You can also choose how many hours per day your child is allowed to use these features, from anywhere between 0 and 8 hours per day (8 is the maximum). If you have more than one child using this feature at once, they’ll need to turn it off in their own settings before they use it again.

There are several factors that can affect the safety of your child online. These include:

Your child’s age and maturity level

The time of day they are on the internet

How long they spend online each day

If you have children using the internet at home, it is important to set up parental controls on their computer or device. This will allow you to monitor what they are doing while they are on the internet and control their access to certain websites and apps.

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